Siddha Hospital and Research Centre
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Gandeepam which literally means an arrow used by the hero against 'Adharma' or injustice, was informally started in the year 1987 by a group of young people emerged from among the socially suppressed rural community with the team spirit of fighting against injustice, caste discrimination, inequality and social imbalance among human society and to establish equality, justice, peace and love through empowerment process.

It was registered under Tamilnadu Socities Registration Act 1975 and Foreign Contribution (regulation) Act 1976. It is also exempted under Section 12(A) and 80(G) of Income Tax Act of 1961.

Due to its tireless and committed services in the field of traditional health care, with medicinal plants based Siddha System, it has been nominated by the Government of Tamilnadu as the Member of Tamilnadu Medicinal Plants Board, Chennai.


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