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Dear Friends,
Gandeepam has reached a miracle milestone today. We officially transmitted the One Million Euros bank guarantee to Mr. Lucien LARRODE, France with the support and blessings of the God almighty. I hereby render my sincere thanks to everybody accompany with me in the historical event. This success only happens due to some whole hearted great supporters and their sincere efforts like Mr. Gerard Bailly. Even it is belated achievement due to legal lengthy process to achieve it. Technically it is too difficult to do it, but Indian Overseas Bank took this opportunity to support our sincere effort on conservation and promotion of our Indian medical heritage in particularly Tamil culture Siddha System of Mmedicine. During this journey Gandeepam will remember the following names in its history. Dr.M.A.Kumar, New Delhi Mr.S.Asok Sundareshan, Auditor Trichy, Mr.Sundar, Chief Regional Manager, I O B, Chennai, Mr.Peyarejan AGM Indian Overseas Bank, Chennai, Mr.Suresh Senior Manger I O B Chennai, Mr.Nelli Geroge, Consultant, Kerala Holi. Abraham Kackanatt, Arch Bishop, Kerala, Mr.G.Hariramamurthy, IIA, Bangalore, Dr.Venkatramani Consultant, Bangalore.

I hereby declare Gandeepam don't have any other agenda with us other than to development of Siddha System of Medicine. Now we are preparing the next step to execute the project. It may happen in coming next few weeks. I really appreciate the Gandeepam team cooperation and shouldering the pain what I have during this difficult period.

With Regards,
Vaidhiyar V Raman,
Secretary, Gandeepam


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